Hey, It's Faith!

Words cannot express how excited and grateful I am that you're here. I hope to document the moments that you'll remember forever and capture the ones you never knew existed. If you ever want to travel to the beach, try new coffee shops, or go to concerts - I'm your girl.

But most importantly, I want to dream with you and deliver more than expected. To me, this job is more than being a photographer. I want to help bring joy to your day, celebrate you, cherish memories with you, and support you in every way. I'm eager to know more about your love and your story. These are the moments we live for and should always reflect on. I am forever thankful to be apart of it.

Cheers to hearing about your unique love, getting to know you, and celebrating your story!


I can't wait for us to get to know each other!




Creating with purpose

Capturing creatively and with vision

Documenting the real, authentic moments